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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

[Anchorage, AK] Originally from Turkey, siblings Zeynep Kilic and Engin Kilic wanted to open a restaurant to showcase Turkish food, so they bought, renovated, and opened a restaurant.

In its restaurant review, The Northern Light gushed, “You don’t ‘dig in’ to Turkish Delight meals; you scan them in the same manner you scan poetry.”

Anchorage Daily News adds, “The menu now includes vegan options and homemade gluten-free sourdough bread, in addition to naan bread. There are new dishes like sultan’s delight, a roasted eggplant topped with a slow-cooked stew; manti, featuring ground beef dumplings and a red-pepper sauce topped with yogurt.

“Other popular items include the doner [kebab] entree, with rotisserie-roasted lamb and beef.”

Also offering Turkish tea and coffee, beer, and wine, we zeroed in on the dessert choices. There is, of course, baklava.

However, we might need to plan a trip just to try the Maraş Dondurma, a sweet, creamy, and chewy Turkish ice cream blended with mastic and the root of wild orchids. If you are willing to book a flight to Alaska just for the ice cream, you can be sure it is enticing.

With the help of the Alaska Small Business Development Center, Turkish Delight opened May 2, 2023. We fully support small and locally owned businesses. We hope you will, too.


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