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Killer Mike

Atlanta: “Nuisance?”

“I hope we are not cutting off our arm when all we need to clip is a pinky.”

Those were the words of Atlanta’s Michael Render, a rapper and businessman best known as “Killer Mike.”

Atlanta Police and city officials say a disproportionate share of violence takes place at or near a small number of nightlife businesses. Nightlife advocates say the proposed legislation they could snuff out nightclubs, strip clubs and other late-night businesses.

If passed, the legislation would direct the Atlanta municipal court to shut down a business — not just nightclubs — if the court deems them a “nuisance” two times within 24 months.

Still, the legislation seems to target Black-owned clubs. Top hip-hop and rap entertainers got started at many of these businesses.

This issue is not unique to Atlanta.

However, is anyone having a serious discussion about the racial undertones of “nuisance?”

Photo: Michael Render, a/k/a Atlanta rapper “Killer Mike”

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