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Operation Makesafe

Operation Makesafe

The Police Service of Northern Ireland manages Operation Makesafe, a national project designed to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation within the hotel and leisure industry.

The initiative focuses on making sure that people working within these sectors are aware of the early warning signs of child sexual exploitation and then can report concerns to the police.

Her are downloadable materials the Police Service makes available to nighttime operators.

Does your local police department offer child sexual exploitation awareness campaign materials to hotels, restaurants and nighttime family venues?

Why not?

Any child can be exploited or abused. No matter their background, culture, ethnicity or religion. No matter whether they are a boy or girl.

There are many signs to look for:

  • Adults befriending young people.
  • Adults who have been observed visiting with different young people.
  • Adults accompanying young people and acting in an intimate way with them.
  • Adults who are accompanying young people who look to be confused or distressed.
  • Adults buying alcoholic drinks for someone expected to be under 18.
  • Picking young people up in your taxi or shared ride and dropping them at a local hotel at odd times of the day or night.
  • Adult guests requesting a room that is isolated.
  • Adult guests accessing pornography in a room where you think a child may be present.

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