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[Denver, CO] Born Amy Elizabeth Thorpe in Minneapolis in 1910, her father was a U.S. Marine Corps officer. Friends and family called her Betty.

Betty was also one of the most successful Allied agents of the World War II – and one of its great unsung heroes, using her beauty and her brains to seduce diplomats and officials to steal secrets which helped to defeat the Nazis.

The intelligence she obtained included vital details about the Enigma machine which the Germans used to code all their messages.

She also stole the Vichy Papers in an elaborate plot which helped with Allied landing in North Africa in 1942, an event which is said to have changed the course of the war.

Based on this true story, “Rubicon” by Kirsten Potter tracks the career of Betty Thorpe, who turned out to be one of history’s most effective spies.

“Overflowing with intrigue and wit, ‘Rubicon’ is an engaging portrait of an unsung heroine and the sacrifices she makes to change the course of the war,” writes Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

“It addresses the stigma attached to choosing professional determination and personal agency over traditional gender expectations. It’s a work that’s suspenseful, alluring, and surprising all at once.”

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company presents the world premiere of “Rubicon” by Kirsten Potter, Feb. 9 – Mar. 10, 2024.


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