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Whim W'Him

Fall ‘23

[Seattle, WA] Whim W’Him, a prominent contemporary dance company based in Seattle, is renowned for its innovative and captivating performances that push the boundaries of traditional dance.

Founded in 2009 by Olivier Wevers, a distinguished former principal dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Whim W’Him quickly made a name for itself within the vibrant Pacific Northwest arts scene.

The company’s mission is to create original, thought-provoking works that challenge both dancers and audiences alike, exploring themes that range from social issues to personal introspection.

At the heart of Whim W’Him’s success lies its commitment to fostering collaboration and nurturing emerging choreographic talents. The company’s diverse ensemble of highly skilled dancers brings a unique blend of athleticism and emotional depth to their performances, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing movement vocabulary and powerful storytelling.

Each year, the Whim W’Him dancers select three choreographers from hundreds of applicants. Together, they create ingenious new works.

The dance company’s 2023 season opener will feature these works with choreographers Hannah Garner, Dava Huesca, and Ana Maria Lucaciu.

Whim W’Him’s Fall ‘23 runs Sep. 8 – 16 at the Erickson Theatre, Sep. 8 – 16, 2023, followed by one performance at Vashon Center for the Arts, Vashon, WA, Sep. 20.


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