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Photo by Tom Fox Staff Photographer The Dallas Morning News

Largest park in Downtown Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS: Carpenter Park is the third of four ‘Downtown Priority Parks’ to be constructed. Through a public/private partnership between the city and Parks for Downtown Dallas, the park opened May 3, 2022.

Changes to surrounding roads allowed for the contiguous 5.75-acre park to be developed on the eastern edge of downtown.

Carpenter Park features Downtown’s first public outdoor basketball court, a dog run and an interactive fountain. There are also environmental play elements for kids, gardens, walking paths and public art.

Incorporated into the park’s design are two significant pieces of public sculpture. Robert Berks’ statue of 20th century Dallas industrialist and civic leader John W. Carpenter has been refurbished and reinstalled at the park entrance at Live Oak and Pearl Street. In addition, Robert Irwin’s ‘Portal Park Piece (Slice)’ was reconceptualized and retitled by the artist for its new site.

Photo by Tom Fox, Staff Photographer, The Dallas Morning News

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