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Door Security and Alcohol Liability

Door Security and Alcohol Liability

24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 23
Oct 25, 2022
Guest: Robert C. Smith, CEO & President, Nightclub Security Consultants

In this episode, we spend 24 minutes with Robert C. Smith, CEO & President of Nightclub Security Consultants

Robert is a former police officer who has developed training programs. He also offers liability solutions for hospitality businesses that serve liquor. NSC’s services have been valuable to small and large venues across the country.

Nightclub Security Consultants has trained more than 5,000 bouncers, security guards, alcohol servers, managers and owners to better understand potential liabilities, legal standards and the importance of having policies and procedures.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to hear Robert speak about a number of topics to do with nightlife, including security, alcohol liability and active shooters. 

24HourNation does not receive compensation from our podcast guests. Neither should this episode be regarded as an endorsement.

We simply believe that this guest offers important insights and information for bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels that operate at night.

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