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Come walk in my shoes

Come walk in my shoes

[Santa Fe, NM] “Deborah Roberts: Come walk in my shoes” is the first solo museum exhibition in New Mexico of Roberts’ work. For her exhibition at Site Santa Fe, Roberts presents a selection of figurative collages and paintings combining found images with hand-painted details centered on the experiences of Black boyhood in the United States.

Come walk in my shoes intimately shares the complex, multi-dimensional and layered lives of Black boys while creating and holding space for their innocence and vulnerability, allowing them to just be children, to take up space, to explore, and to be seen.

In tandem, Roberts’ work will occupy Site Santa Fe’s Billboard Project, a public art initiative expanding exhibitions beyond the bounds of the traditional gallery space. Here, Roberts expands the conversation on how Black children navigate their Blackness and childhood.

This work questions stereotypes and creates a space for a more nuanced and empathetic understanding around the experience of Black children in America. Seeing their humanity, Roberts offers a powerful critique of systemic injustices, society’s expectations and the many biases that continue to impact their lives.

“Deborah Roberts: Come walk in my shoes” is on view at Site Santa Fe through Nov. 6, 2023.

In addition to traditional daytime hours, Site Santa Fe is open until 7 p.m. every Friday. #EveryMuseum in America could be open late at least once a month. Most are not. 24HourNation is grateful for Site Santa Fe and other art, science, and history museums that are mindful of nighttime patrons. Thank you.


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