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Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art

Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art

“Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art” is an exhibition showcasing the traditional Japanese textile-dyeing technique called katazome, used historically for kimono design.

The process involves intricate designs created using rice paste-resist and dyes on hand-carved stencil papers. The exhibit features the tools, stencils, dyes, and pigments associated with katazome, both from traditional practitioners and contemporary artists. The display offers a fascinating juxtaposition of traditional and innovative approaches.

Internationally acclaimed artists, including Akemi Cohn, Melinda Heal, Fumiyo Imafuku, Cheryl Lawrence, John Marshall, Yuken Teruya, and Mika Toba, present their distinctive interpretations of katazome, spanning graphic narrative, abstract works, and experiential installations

The art pieces explore various themes, from social landscapes to nature and memory. Organized by the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, Washington, “Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art” offers a unique perspective on the centuries-old textile process while reflecting the dynamic evolution of this traditional art form.

“Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art” is on view at the Boise Art Museum, Jul. 1, 2023 – Jan. 28, 2024.

In addition to traditional daytime hours, the Boise Art Museum is open until 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month. #EveryMuseum in America *could* be open late at least once a month. Most are *not*. 24HourNation is grateful for the Boise Art Museum and other art, science, and history museums that *are* mindful of nighttime patrons. Thank you.


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