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Slamdance Film Festival

This year’s Slamdance Film Festival lineup was chosen from 7,600 submissions and represents projects from thirteen different countries.

“From the streets of Seattle to the psychedelic skies of a unicorn-run dystopia, our filmmakers are transporting audiences to new dimensions with stories that explore the nuance of disability, immigration and gender. This year’s lineup represents a generation of new directors who are breaking boundaries and redefining what filmmaking looks like in 2023,” stated Festival Manager Lily Yasuda.

In addition to Slamdance’s opening night film, “Punk Rock Vegan Movie,” the festival will also showcase “Downwind” and the festival’s closing night film, “Free LSD.”

“Punk Rock Vegan Movie” is from Richard Melville Hall (a/k/a musician and animal rights activist Moby). It tells the story of how punk rock became such a fertile and surprising breeding ground for vegan activism.

“Downwind” is a documentary about nuclear fallout in the United States, specifically in the region of Utah. Narrated by Martin Sheen, the film feature Lewis Black and Michael Douglas. It addresses the Shoshone Nation whose sacred land continues to be cordoned off as a nuclear test site. For 40 years, large-scale atomic weapons obliterated the landscape and exposed people, the environment and livestock to deadly fallout.

“Free LSD” is about an elderly sex shop owner’s attraction to a younger woman. This leads him to an erectile dysfunction doctor whose treatment reveals an alluring but treacherous alternate reality.

Slamdance offers an intimate community experience. Audience members, filmmakers, festival programmers and industry professionals all mingle in the same hallways. They sit side by side in screening rooms to discover the next generation of cinema talent.

The Slamdance Film Festival takes place in both Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 20-26, 2023.


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