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[Coral Gables, FL] Helmed by Michelin-starred Sushi Chef Shingo Akikuni, SHINGO is a 14-seat omakase experience that showcases seasonal ingredients sourced locally in Florida and throughout Japan.

All that being said, the restaurant had us with its etiquette page. Particularly its “Soft Voices” and “No Perfume” policies:

“Please refrain from speaking on your cell phone during your meal, as our intimate space is shared with a small group of guests each meal. For urgent matters, please feel free to step out of the restaurant to make a phone call.”

“The cuisine that we serve is often delicate and refined, and we want you to enjoy every bite we prepare. For this reason, we ask that you refrain from using perfume or cologne with strong scents as it may affect the way you or others enjoy our food.”

SHINGO, take all my money.

Located inside the historic La Palma building in Coral Gables, Florida, SHINGO opened May 11, 2023. It offers an 18-course and well-mannered dining experience.


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