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Drift Santa Barbara

Drift Santa Barbara

“Siteline Santa Barbara” brought our attention to an intriguing new hotel with a cafe and bar opening at any moment in that city.

“The Drift mini-chain of hotels has a flagship in San José del Cabo and three in the works—Nashville, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara.

“The latter will have a cafe called Dawn and a ‘Mexican-inspired tequila and tapas bar’ called Dusk.

“Opening forecast: [Drift Santa Barbara] is taking bookings starting Feb. 1, 2023, but may open earlier; the café and bar will debut concurrently with the hotel.”

TMC Hospitality describes its Drift hotel profile as “a modern hotel that celebrates its dualities: a spare and minimalist aesthetic but a vibrant and friendly demeanor. It’s the perfect space to rest and reset, or let it be a springboard for an adventure.”

We only have one thing to say. When can we book a stay in each of the four properties?


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