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No Man's Land

No Man’s Land

[Chicago, IL] Theatre reviewer and biographer Michael Billington wrote that Harold Pinter’s play, “‘No Man’s Land’ is about precisely what its title suggests: the sense of being caught in some mysterious limbo between life and death, between a world of brute reality and one of fluid uncertainty.”

After all, all of Pinter’s plays are, to some extent, about the invasion of territory.

Billington has also commented that “‘No Man’s Land’ is both desolate and funny and conveys, without peddling any message, the never-ending contrast between the exuberance of memory and the imminence of extinction.”

It is, he states, “a generational power struggle, a tug of war between expert wordsmiths, a maze of murky meaning.

“Or perhaps it’s just two old English sots waxing nostalgic and waiting for the sun to rise. In ‘No Man’s Land,’ you can never be certain, and nothing is as it seems.”


Originally produced in 1975, with rare sightings in American theatres, Steppenwolf Theatre stages Harold Pinter’s modern masterpiece, “No Man’s Land,” Jul. 13 – Aug. 20, 2023.


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