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Meow Wolf

House of Eternal Return

[Santa Fe, NM] Atlas Obscura described Meow Wolf’s “House of Eternal Return” as an “immersive environment that is part haunted house, part choose-your-own-adventure, and part jungle gym.”

O.K. We can work with that.

Meow Wolf itself is an immersive art and entertainment company known for creating mind-bending and interactive experiences.

Founded in 2008 in Santa Fe, Meow Wolf‘s primary goal is to blur the lines between art, technology, and storytelling, providing visitors with unique and engaging experiences.

The company gained significant recognition with its first permanent installation called “The House of Eternal Return,” which opened in Santa Fe in 2016. “The House of Eternal Return” is a multidimensional, interactive art exhibit housed in a Victorian-style house that contains various rooms and portals leading to different worlds. Visitors are encouraged to explore the space, solve mysteries, and interact with the installations, which include psychedelic landscapes, secret passages, and surreal environments.

The monumental achievement, featuring more than seventy rooms made by local and community artists, is on view through Sep. 25, 2023. Evening visits are available on most dates.


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