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“The energy in INTER_, Manhattan’s newest art experience, feels more like a meditation retreat than a typical gallery—and that’s by design,” reports Time Out.

“The experiential, multi-sensory museum opening in Soho next week invites visitors into a heightened state of contemplative awareness through a sound bath, light installations and aspects of meditation all combined with interactive digital art. “

The Villager contributes, “INTER_ invites visitors to immerse themselves in a journey through installations and digital creations in a multi-sensory environment, allowing their presence and participation to aid in the creation of art and a playful experience between mind, body, and reality.”

So, we’re good with that … although we keep looking at the profit- and artist-benefit margins of other “immersive art experiences.” At least this one benefits the designer and will not hammer us over the head with “Immersive Frederic Remington,” or the like.

INTER_’s creator and creative director Pete Sax is an artist, musician and meditation teacher. He began making interactive and generative art during the pandemic.

“Sax said he wants people to ‘leave with a simple connected feeling and a joyful feeling,'” Time Out adds. “Stepping inside INTER_ from the busy intersection of Broadway and Canal feels like entering another world, one that’s quieter, gentler and indeed joyful.”

It’s been a while since SoHo was quieter, gentler and joyful. We’re all in.

With interactive and generative visual and auditory experiences, INTER_ debuted Nov. 2, 2022, and has an open-ended run.


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