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Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

A brilliant investment

Access All Areas” is a UK publication that focuses on music, sport and culture from the perspective of event producers and promoters.

In a recent opinion piece, editor Christopher Barrett issued a message that needs global consideration.

“What we desperately need is a government willing to step in and support our cultural sector,” Barrett writes.

“Isn’t it therefore obvious that at this point in our sector’s history, any further blows to the financial stability of businesses will have an irrecoverable effect? We will lose the venues, festivals and events that are so vital to tourism, and are the beating heart of communities across the land.”

The opinion piece also calls attention to an innovative programs elsewhere in Europe, specifically in Spain where every 18-year-old received a €400 “Youth Cultural Bonus” voucher to spend on festivals, events, books and music.

“What a brilliant investment this is – investing in music, culture and live events and investing in young people at the same time because, let’s be honest, young people have had it tough over the past two years.”

How are we doing, America?

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

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