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Lights Out

Lights Out

Saving energy is not always the same thing as being environmentally sensitive.

Switching from incandescent lights to LED technologies may reduce electrical costs but still bring harm to Earth’s biodiversity.

In Europe, where energy costs will change how (and if) nighttime businesses will operate this winter, 24HourNation is following the steps undertaken by cities across France.

Many villages are simply turning out the lights.

Others are managing lighting as a theatrical lighting designer might do.

There is also surprising information about lights at night and the incidence of crime. “This data does not show more crime in unlit cities.”

Plus, at least one watchdog group now patrols city streets. The group maps all light sources (advertisements, signs, shop windows, etc.) that “are unnecessary or excessive in the public space, and thus act against energy waste, against light pollution and for the respect of living things.”

As we marvel at well-lit skylines in American cities, we also marvel at the energy savings, health benefits and biodiversity preservation being pursued by the people of France.

Je te respecte.

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