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Detail from "An Improbable Concoction" by Caroline Kent

First Fridays at NOMA

The New Orleans Museum of Art is open late once a month.

We imagine that First Fridays at NOMA are quite something for all those who do not have the ability (or the school bus-load patience) to get to a museum before 5 p.m.

The monthly after-hours event often includes “DJs and bands; local creatives speaking about their favorite works of art; a range of performance and dance; and unique experiences of all kinds in response to art from across time and place.”

The museum website further states, “Participants will meet artists, get creative, and immerse themselves in New Orleans’ creative community.”

Conversely, 24HourNation would add that the later hours give the museum the opportunity to attract and serve a wider universe of New Orleans’ creatives and others who are only able to get to a museum (perhaps with their families) after 5 p.m.

Now isn’t that a lovely, patron development idea?


Detail from “An Improbable Concoction” by Caroline Kent

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