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Lunar Faire

Lunar Faire

Lunar Faire is a witchy and weird night market. The social event appears twice monthly (on new and full moons) at various New Jersey destinations.

“We wanted to go to a cool-ass night market, so we made one,” proclaims the Lunar Faire website.

We’re down.

Attendance is often limited. The best way to learn about upcoming events is to subscribe to the Lunar Faire email list or follow them on social media (links below).

The website also offers opportunities to be a vendor, employee or volunteer for these mystical nighttime happenings. But, before you apply, Lunar Faire’s organizer has a message for you: “I can’t believe I have to say this but if you are a white supremacist, please don’t fucking attempt to work with us,” they write.

“We are an inclusive community founded by leftists who are really into honoring empathy, community, fluidity, the fact that Black lives matter and other things I thought were common sense.”

A final note. Children are welcomed to attend the Lunar Faire … with a caveat: “If they are at least mildly civilized they’ll be thoroughly entertained and will remain undevoured.”

So — snacks!


Photo by Veronica Kairos with Kairos Arts

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