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Here you will discover news about economic drivers, international trends, public safety priorities, cultural innovations, environmental concerns, workforce issues, socioeconomic shifts, political maneuvers, discriminatory practices and other hot topics of the night.

Some posts will focus on municipalities that employ nighttime advisors or have significant and coordinated nighttime economy advocacy efforts.

Other posts will reflect global trends worth our attention.

Night Topics

[Scotland] Watch for "safe home policies" to surface in other global cities where there is a lack of workforce access to safe and affordable

[Denver, CO] Would a nighttime economy manager help Denver? 'Night mayors' in other US cities certainly believe so.

[UK] Festivals are having to adapt to appeal to a younger generation that has less money to spend and is more concerned with health

[UK] The Home Office performed a U-turn on support for drug testing at festivals, making 2023 music festival attenders more vulnerable to … well,

[Australia] WorldPride was supposed to Sydney’s LGBTQ epicenter a new lease on life. Instead, it’s suffering an identity crisis.

[China] A new night walking street was unveiled in Shanghai's north Baoshan District, marking the opening of the district's annual nightlife festival.

[India] The decision to allow around-the-clock commercial operations comes as part of Delhi's push to promote a vibrant business ecosystem.

[Seattle, WA] Great cities of the world are 24-hour cities, and Seattle’s brand is more global today than it was 10 years ago.

[British Columbia] Activists are urging the government to reinstate parts of a law that reduced risks for overnight workers in convenience stores and gas