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Sound of Belfast

Sound of Belfast

In 2019, the music sector in Northern Ireland contributed almost £345 million to the economy and accounted for almost 6,500 jobs.

“Music creators (songwriters, musicians, performers and producers) and live music are the lifeblood of the Northern Ireland music ecosystem, altogether accounting for more than 75% of the sector’s overall GVA (gross value added),” reports Metal Planet Music.

CEO at the Oh Yeah Music Centre, Charlotte Dryden, adds, “Music is more than a hobby or a ‘nice to have;’ it provides jobs for thousands of employed and freelance staff across the region, from artist managers, record producers and music technology companies through to individuals working in talent development roles.”

“Collectively, we are not just a rich community asset, but an economic keystone.”

Oh Yeah Music Centre is a non-profit music center and performance venue in Belfast.

Also in 2019, Belfast became the first city in Ireland to be named a UNESCO City of Music. At that time, live music accounted for 81% of all music jobs in the capital, according to the global firm, Sound Diplomacy.

To celebrate Belfast’s status a music city, the Oh Yeah Music Centre created Sound of Belfast to showcase the talent that resides and moves through Belfast’s streets and studios, venues and homes. Sound of Belfast runs Nov. 11-20, 2022.


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