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24 Minute Podcast

24 Minutes

Take 24 minutes and learn from international thought leaders as they address 24-hour city topics like nighttime governance, nightlife challenges and global trends.

24 Minutes is the podcast from 24HourNation. Podcast episodes are hosted by Randall White.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 27, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 16

Team Effort 

Hear about Sacramento’s nationally recognized Entertainment Permit Program and how multiple city departments and agencies work together to manage that city’s nighttime economy. Spend 24 Minutes with Tina Lee-Vogt of the City of Sacramento’s Entertainment Permit Program.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 26, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 15

What’s Possible? 

As a part of its City Possible initiative, Mastercard has assembled a 24-Hour Cities Network to help design and create solutions in the areas of nighttime governance, public safety, mobility and economic development. Spend 24 Minutes with M. Alby Bocanegra of Mastercard’s Global City Partnerships.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 20, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 14

State of the World (at Night)

As Amsterdam’s Night Mayor from 2012-2018, Mirik Milan played an instrumental role in the reshaping that city’s nightlife scene. Today he is reshaping how the world cities look at their nighttime economies. Spend 24 Minutes with VibeLab’s Mirik Milan.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 15, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 13

Public Safety on Demand

Will a phone app do for public safety what shared-ride services did for on-demand transportation? Let’s find out when we spend 24 Minutes with Gray Hardaway, Co-Founder and CEO of Secur.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 9, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 12

First US Nighttime Economy Office

The European “night mayor” boom began in Amsterdam in 2012. Soon after, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania became the first city in America to retain a nighttime economy coordinator.
Spend 24 Minutes with Allison Harnden, the City of Pittsburgh’s “night mayor.”

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 30, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 11

Saving NYC’s Diverse Culture

NYC Nightlife United was born out of the need to support and help center the Black, POC (Persons of Color) and LGBTQIA+ businesses and workers that fuel NYC’s culture. Spend 24 minutes with Varghese Chacko of NYC Nightlife United.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 28, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 10

Stand Up to Harrassment

Safe Bars helps bars, restaurants, breweries, and other alcohol-serving spaces create safe and welcoming cultures for patrons, and safe and respectful workplaces for staff. Spend 24 Minutes with Lauren R. Taylor of Safe Bars.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 21, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 9

Night Workforce Shortages (and Solutions)

The Night Time Industries Association is the UK’s leader in addressing “post-pandemic” and universal nighttime workforce shortages. The NTIA maximizes the political power of a broad coalition of nighttime industries. Spend 24 Minutes with Michael Kill of the Night Time Industries Association.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 20, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 8

The World’s Best Bouncer

Artificial intelligence has arrived at your bar or club. Not only can it protect your businesses from violent patrons, underage customers and unlawful behavior, it can reduce your insurance and personnel costs. Spend 24 Minutes with Jason Swanson of Patronscan.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 17, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 7

The Urban Night

Dr. Will Straw’s reach as a speaker, visiting professor and thought leader has been amplified through The Urban Night. This website, media feed and interdisciplinary research project focuses on the nocturnal life of cities around the globe. Spend 24 with Will Straw of McGill University.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 15, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 6

Let’s Dance

Electronic dance music (EDM) events are surging in popularity. What are the challenges and benefits of these events and what do municipal decisionmakers want to know in order to reduce their anxiety? Spend 24 Minutes with Brandon Webb of One City Music Group.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jul 13, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 5

Managing Cities at Night

Learn what “nighttime economy” means, how valuable it can be to your city and how the best U.S. city governments are managing their nighttime operations. Spend 24 Minutes with Jim Peters of the Responsible Hospitality Institute.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 10, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 4

Theatre as a Catalyst

In May 2022, OKC Rep presented an original, site-specific experience that demonstrated innovative (and authentic) ways theatre can help activate nighttime experiences in cities of all sizes. Spend 24 Minutes with Kelly Kerwin of OKC Rep.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 9, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 3

3 Priorities for Your City’s Nighttime Recovery

Hear three priorities that will help your city’s nighttime economy bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic … including the most important action your city can take. Spend 24 Minutes with Michael Fichman of PennPraxis.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 3, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 2

Keep Customers and Co-Workers Safe

For nighttime businesses that serve alcohol, discover how you can increase customer and employee safety by noticing and safely disrupting uncomfortable and unsafe behavior. Spend 24 Minutes with Haleigh Harrold of SAFE Bar Network.

24 Minutes from 24HourNation
Jun 1, 2022 — Season 1, Episode 1

Action Through Alliances

Your city’s nighttime economy could strengthen if drinking, dining, dancing and other cultural entities form an alliance that advocates, educates, trains and builds your city’s brand. Spend 24 Minutes with Dominque Greco of Orlando Hospitality Alliance.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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