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Photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash

Photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash


We have gathered reports, plans and links to information from around the world … not so they can be cloned but so you and your city can be inspired.

If you are aware of another document worth sharing with nighttime peers, please let us know about it. Thank you!

Economic Development Plans and Reports

Photo by Jamshed Khedri on Unsplash

2022 – Canada

Montréal ville 24 heures : Rapport économique sur la nuit socioculturelle de la métropole

“Montreal city 24 hours. Economic report on the socio-cultural night of the metropolis aims to be the first economic study to take a broad look at cultural and leisure night-time activities. By ‘night socio-cultural activities,’ the report means social and cultural activities that take place after work, between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.”Le Devoir

Tourisme Montréal
La Ville de Montréal
Gouvernement du Québec
MTL 24/24

Photo by Jamshed Khedri on Unsplash

Photo by Tyler Duston on Unsplash

2022 – Australia

Flicking the Switch: Research and insights to help Sydney’s CBD turn the lights on a new era

“This is an independent report and not all policy recommendations are, or will be, state government policy. However, it is right that we debate the merits of the ideas proposed in this report. The Sydney CBD is too important to Sydney’s economy, brand and collective identity to not have a plan to reactivate it.”

NSW Government
Investment NSW
Ernst & Young, Australia

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Photo by Mangopear creative on Unsplash

2022 – UK

Greater Manchester Night Time Economy Strategy

“This report outlines the draft GM Night Time Economy Strategy, developed by the Mayor of GM’s Greater Manchester Night Time Economy Adviser, Sacha Lord, supported by the GMCA Culture and Night Time Economy team.”

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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Photo by Barbora Dostálová on Unsplash

2021 – Ireland

Report of the Night-Time Economy Taskforce

“The report reflects a genuine and concerted effort, by all parties working together, to provide support and encouragement to a sector which has been so badly hit by COVID-19 and to present innovative solutions to some of the challenges and opportunities for the sector, many of which predate the pandemic.”

Government of Ireland Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

Photo by Barbora Dostálová on Unsplash

Jeffrey Clayton on Unsplash

2020 – US

Economic Impact of DC’s Nightlife Industry

“Washington, DC is no longer a one-business, government town with a 9-5 schedule. It is a city of innovators, creatives, and change-makers – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as this 2020 report reveals.”

Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Culture

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2019 – US

NYC’s Nightlife Economy Impact, Assets, and Opportunities

Not surprisingly, nightlife is a major economic, as well as cultural driver for New York City. In 2018, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment presented a study of the city’s nighttime economy.

Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
The North Highland Company
Econsult Solutions, Inc.
Urbane Development

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Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

2018 – UK

London at night: An evidence base for a 24-hour city

As far as we are concerned, this is still the standard for nighttime economic impact studies. “The evidence outlined in this report not only challenges some of the myths and perceptions around our city at night, but also shows the huge opportunity we have to make London work better for Londoners around the clock.” – Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Greater London Authority

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Photo by Caleb De Marco on Unsplash

2017 – Global

A Guide to Managing Your Night Time Economy

This superb 2017 guide was written by Venezuelan researcher and international consultant Andreina Seijas J. The handbook is a primer for those who are interested in developing vibrant nighttime economies in their communities.

Sound Diplomacy

Photo by Caleb De Marco on Unsplash

Racial Equity Plan

Photo by Jennifer Marquez on Unsplash

2022 – USA

Mass Cultural Council Racial Equity Plan

“Mass Cultural Council stands in solidarity with movements that are working to improve the lives of those oppressed, marginalized, and targeted by the breadth of White Supremacy in the United States. With this three-year plan, Mass Cultural Council commits to doing the ongoing and long-term work of being an anti-racist Agency.”

Mass Cultural Council

Photo by Jennifer Marquez on Unsplash

Sexualized Violence Research Report

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexals

2022 – Global

Sexism Free Night Research Report (Sexualised Violence in European Nightlife Environments)

Sexual violence in nightlife environments is an under-researched topic. Some studies have highlighted the existence of a gender-specific risk of violence disproportionately affecting women as well as people of transgender and non-binary gender identities and being mostly perpetrated by men. The research report focuses on the intersections between sexism and sexual violence, nightlife environments and drug use.

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union
Fundación Salud y Comunidad
Observatorio Noctámbulas

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexals

Pandemic Recovery Plan

Photo by Piero Nigro on Unsplash

2021 – Netherlands

VibeLab Global Nighttime Recovery Plan, Chapter 7 – Learning As We Go: Measuring and Analysing the Nighttime City

The seventh and final chapter of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is a go-to resource for anybody who wants to understand cities at night. It is a handbook of data methods and concepts for governments, communities, nightlife advocacy groups, and trade organizations – anybody looking to create safe, creative, and prosperous cities and scenes after dark.

Fraunhofer IAO
PennPraxis – Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Photo by Piero Nigro on Unsplash

Climate Change

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

2022 – USA

The Next American Migration: What Cities Should Know About Climate Change and Populations on the Move

If residents are moving to higher, cooler climates − along with warmer temperatures, rising sea levels and increased fire risks − what plans are many nightlife districts making? (We’re looking at you, New Orleans, LA and Boulder, CO)

“The goal of this report is to demystify the climate migration issue for local governments through background information and case studies from cities that are currently experiencing climate impacts and subsequent demographic shifts.”

National League of Cities

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Alcohol Harm

Photo by Terricks Noah on Unsplash

2022 – Europe

The Potential Value of Minimum Pricing for Protecting Lives: No Place for Cheap Alcohol

The WHO European Region has some of the highest levels of alcohol consumption and corresponding rates of alcohol-related harm in the world.

There has been growing interest in recent years in a relatively new form of pricing policy to decrease alcohol affordability and consequently consumption – minimum pricing.

This report discusses this (as yet) not widely used policy and its potential for improving public health and examines how minimum pricing policies should be applied alongside alcohol taxation measures.

World Health Organization

Photo by Terricks Noah on Unsplash

Nighttime Governance

Photo by Steven Groeneveld on Unsplash

2022 – Global

24-Hour Cities Network Governance Workshop Insight Report

The 24-Hour Cities Network is a group of urban leaders who, supported by City Possible, gather to share best practices and co-create new solutions to address the challenges cities face at night.

Pioneered by Mastercard, City Possible is a new model for urban innovation in which a global network of cities, businesses, academics, and communities work together to make the world’s cities more inclusive and sustainable.

This insight report comes from a May 2022 24-Hour Cities Network workshop on nighttime governance led by Andreina Seijas, a world-renowned authority on the topic.

City Possible

Photo by Steven Groeneveld on Unsplash

Nighttime Transportation

Night Tube

2014 – London

Impact of the Night Tube on London’s Night-Time Economy

Night Tube service will open up London’s night-time economy to a whole host of new opportunities, altering the way that people behave and the way that businesses choose to operate. It will support and help maintain London’s status as a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit.

In July 2022, Transport for London resumed Night Tube services after they were suspended in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

“The complete restoration of Night Tube services will allow Londoners and visitors to make the most of all the capital has to offer on weekend evenings with shorter journey times, whilst also providing late night travelers another safe way to return home,” stated Transport for London (TfL).

Volterra Partners
Transport for London
BusinessLDN (previously London First)

Photo from Sky News

LGBTQ+ Nightlife

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

2022 – London

Building a Sustainable Queer Nightlife in London: Queer Creatives, COVID-19 and Community in the Capital

This important research highlights that the challenges that LGBTQ+ nightlife faced before the pandemic have been amplified by COVID-19 and provides a hugely valuable contribution to what is yet a limited field of research. London’s LGBTQ+ nightlife is a vital part of the identity of the city, and it is only by ensuring as many voices as possible are heard that its true value can be understood.

University of Roehampton
Arts Council England
University of Liverpool
Queer Arts Consortium

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

Nighttime Manifesto

Rise Up: A Manifesto for Nightlife

2022 – Global

Rise Up: A Manifesto for Nightlife

Society is recovering from a global pandemic, impacted by severe drought, climate change, war, increasing living costs, an ongoing threat of gentrification, cuts to the arts, and social care.

The manifesto acknowledges the importance of shared social spaces and safety at night. It has been created as a collaborative reaction from nighttime communities who have reflected on the unifying core values of nightlife and developed a shared vision for the future.

Initiated by VibeLab, this vision is collated in the manifesto to encourage conscious, aware action, and change and to get recognition for the integral role that life at night plays in society.


Reporte Música México

Mexico Music Report: Industry 2022

2022 – Mexico

Reporte Música México

Música México is an initiative of several companies, institutions and individuals whose expertise and inspiration is music. The coalition’s mission is to strengthen the music industry in Mexico.

The report (in Spanish) seeks to: measure the relevance of music; offer useful information to the sector about trends; and better characterize Mexico’s music scene. The report also illustrates and elevates Mexico’s complete music ecosystem.

Reporte Música México’s ultimate goal is to build and strengthen music industry relationships throughout the country’s regions and with other countries.

Música México

Photo of Cromosapiens, a funk, soul and hip-hop band from Monterrey, MX