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Detroit Soul

Detroit Soul

“We come from scratch,” states the Detroit Soul restaurant website. “We come from a people who, ripped from their respective lands in Africa and enslaved on this one, recreated our lives and nourished our souls with what was available to us—including our faith.

“Through the hardships wrought by that peculiar institution and its offspring Jim Crow, we scratched out our paths to freedom to lands such as Detroit. We nourished our travels—full of travails and triumphs—with Grandma’s hopes and dreams of a better world, of other suns, packed in shoebox lunches and Green Book diners.”

“And now we are here, cooking and catering the very food that helped us survive it all. In remembrance of our yesterdays and in celebrating our tomorrows, we prepare our food so we—as a people, as neighbors, as fellow Detroiters⁠—can thrive, using locally sourced food and healthier cooking methods.”

Detroit Soul owners Samuel Van Buren and Jerome Brown had one restaurant location and were planning to open another when COVID and the supply chain inflated the costs for everything. Thanks to a $60,000 grant from the Motor City Match program, the restaurateurs received the assistance they needed to move forward.

Detroit Soul offers down-home cuisine with down-South hospitality. The restaurant also offers locally sourced farm-fresh food and health-fortifying cooking methods, all at affordable prices.

And, as of Dec. 15, 2022, the owners invite you to assemble and eat together in neighborly love at the second location of Detroit Soul.


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