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Pah! is a queer, Latinx, and Deaf-owned eatery inside The Zed food hall in Portland, Oregon.

Pah! serves pub food like beef and vegan burgers, blooming onions, and fish and chips with a side of American Sign Language.

ASL terms or Deaf slang provide inspiration for each item on the menu. A blooming onion is named after the hand movement for “pow.”

Pah is also an ASL slang term for “finally” or “success.”

Deaf owner Lillouie Barrios and his husband, hearing owner Victor Covarrubias, worked in kitchens around Portland, where they said they ran into accessibility problems and discrimination.

Customers who know ASL communicate with the cashier in sign language. Those who don’t know how to sign speak into a tablet connected to a microphone and equipped with transcription software that shows the spoken words on the screen.

Pah! opened Jun. 25, 2022.

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