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In this episode of 24 Minutes, we discuss successful strategies for safer downtown districts with Colin Fowler, Downtown Liaison Officer for the Iowa City Police Department.

The document contains a ten-point plan designed harness the benefits of women being able to participate and enjoy the diverse offerings of Sydney's nighttime economy.

This 2017 guide from Sound Diplomacy and Andreina Seijas is written for those interested in maximizing the potential of their city's nighttime economy.

On Feb. 14, join Responsibility Hospitality Institute for a discussion on alcohol service hours, the social needs of adults, the affect on public safety and more.

This 24 Minutes podcast episode with Alby Bocanegra discusses how a 24-hour cities global network can strengthen nighttime governance, public safety, mobility and economic development.

This 24 Minutes podcast episode with Jason Swanson reveals how bars and clubs can keep troublemakers out by using the latest technology.

This 24 Minutes podcast episode with Haleigh Harrold speaks to the safety benefits of active bystander training in bars and restaurants.

As we marvel at well-lit skylines in American cities, we also marvel at the energy savings, health benefits and biodiversity preservation being pursued by the people of France.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland manages Operation Makesafe, a project that raises awareness of child sexual exploitation within the hospitality industry.