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Folks You Meet in Longs

Folks You Meet in Longs

[Honolulu, HI] Winner of the Hawai’i Book Publishers Association Ka Palapala Po’okela Award of Excellence in Literature, Lee Cataluna’s “Folks You Meet in Longs” taps into the local personalities one might meet at Longs drugstore in Hawai’i.

Through a collection of monologues, “Cataluna conjures your neighbor, your co-worker, your raucous classmates, the old ladies you see in Chinatown, the uncles sitting in the garage, and you,” writes novelist and poet Lois-Ann Yamanaka.

“Their images appear before you as you listen to Cataluna’s dead-on capturing of sound with an incredible sensibility, artistry, and poignancy.”

However, what many on the Mainland may not know is that, before it became an award-winning book, “Folks You Meet in Longs” was a play that premiered at Kumu Kahua Theatre in 2003.

Now, Cataluna’s collection of characters once again return to the stage from the aisles of Hawai’i’s favorite drug store.

Kumu Kahua Theatre presents “Folks You Meet in Longs” May 25 — Jun. 25, 2023.


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