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Gabriel, The Musical

Gabriel, The Musical

In 1800, a 24-year-old Virginia slave named Gabriel began organizing a rebellion to seize the State Capitol in Richmond.

His goal was to proclaim freedom for others in bondage while giving workers greater authority in political affairs.

Gabriel’s actions came in a city where white men had been at the forefront of America’s independence from Great Britain.

The rebellion came undone when massive storms hit the area, wiping out roads and bridges, destroying lines of communication. This prevented supporters from setting diversionary fires that were a key element of the plan.

Then, plans of the uprising were revealed through betrayal. Then-governor James Monroe called out the militia. Gabriel was captured, tried and hanged along with twenty-five others.

Intriguingly, the long-awaited world premiere of “Gabriel, The Musical” runs at Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, VA, Sep. 8 – Oct. 2, 2022.

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