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The High Ground

The High Ground

In 2023, three of Nathan Alan Davis’ plays will receive world premieres.

The Yale Review writes that his works are “defined by sensitivity, musicality, and formal ambition. Whether his characters are historical figures … or fictional composites … Davis gives each an ethical quest, an intricate psyche, and a lyrical, indelible voice.

“His productions often explore the experiences of Black Americans living in the shadow of chattel slavery and pose deep questions about family, myth, and faith. But the answers to these questions are rarely made obvious; Davis’ plays are too rigorous and morally complex to offer easy solace or neat narrative closure.”

Davis’ “Eternal Life Part 1” opens in April at Philadelphia’s Wilma Theatre. Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park will stage “Origin Story” in May.

However, “The High Ground” is first up in the triptych of Nathan Alan Davis 2023 world premieres.

Taking a dramatic look at the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, a Black man in an army uniform stands his ground atop Tulsa’s Standpipe Hill, bearing witness to the destruction and desecration of Tulsa’s “Black Wall Street.”

“The High Ground” offers a complex portrait of what it means to root, to resist and to proceed from devastation. The “unexpected love story” runs Feb. 10–Apr. 2, 2023 at Arena Stage in Washington, DC.


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