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Get Me Home Safely

Get Me Home Safely

Keeping workers safe shouldn’t stop when the shift ends.

The UK and Ireland’s largest trade union has a campaign that seems to care about more than just wages. What a refreshing stance from the States’ point of view.

Get Me Home Safely advocates for employers to extend their ‘duty of care” (we love this British term) to ensure safe transport home policies for all workers.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry now for just short of a decade. Nearly every single late-night shift begins with worrying about making arrangements at home. Will I make enough in tips to afford a taxi? Will I have to walk home alone in the dark? If I walk home will that guy that threatened me for cutting him off still be hanging around?

Nighttime, shift and overnight workers are in a blind spot when it comes to civic and government leaders. Perhaps being introduced to this UK program will open a few eyes.

Learn more about this UK and Irish union initiative.

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