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Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

New York City: The Next Five Years

A Jun. 11, 2022, edition of “New York Post,” offered a story titled, “NYC in 2027: What the city will look like five years down the road”

“A new mayor, new city council and a new governor all appear to be coalescing around a new New York,” the writer begins. “As we move past post-pandemic thinking, leading private- and public-sector officials help map out what New York City could – or even should – look like five years down the road.”

Exploring themes from climate change and architecture to Chinatown and cannabis, the “Post” article also spotlights three topics of interest to 24HourNation: restaurants, city planning and nightlife.

We are always overjoyed to see a media quote from Ariel Palitz, Senior Executive Director the NYC Office of Nightlife.

By 2027, New York City’s “night mayor” says that “With Narcan now behind every bar, ‘consent ambassadors,’ and cannabis consumption ‘as natural as having a beer,’ nightlife will be safer and more intimate.”

“Palitz cites the recently opened Sands of Persia in Astoria – a booze-less hookah and dessert bar – as an example of NYC nightlife’s lower-key future.”

“Without the worry of alcohol, ‘it’s easier to be flirtatious and explore yourself,’ she said. And get ready for a night out in Queens, Staten Island or Brooklyn’s further reaches.”

I guess this means we will finally need to visit Staten Island.

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

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