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Lauren R. Taylor

Stand Up To Harassment

Safe Bars helps bars, restaurants, breweries, and other alcohol-serving spaces create safe and welcoming cultures for patrons, and safe and respectful workplaces for staff.

Join us for 24 minutes with Lauren R. Taylor, Founder and Director, as we discuss Safe Bars and the precepts it believes are fundamental for nighttime workspaces: active bystander skills; empowerment and self-defense; and de-escalation for hospitality professionals.

24 minutes from 24HourNation
Season 001, Episode 010

Topic: In this podcast, learn about three fundamental ways hospitality workers can create safe, welcoming and respectful cultures.
Guest: Lauren R. Taylor, Safe Bars
Host: Randall White, 24HourNation
Recorded: Jun 20, 2022
Mixed: Jun 28, 2022
Posted: Jun 28, 2022

Lauren R. Taylor is a skilled trainer with more than 35 years of experience who loves empowering women, girls, LGBTQI+ people, and others targeted for harassment, abuse, and assault.

She has trained more than 35,000 people of all ages and walks of life in the Washington, DC area.

Lauren also:

  • speaks at national conferences on ending gender-based violence;
  • publishes extensively on the same topic;
  • shares skills to help prevent, interrupt, heal from, and end violence and abuse; and
  • works to end violence and create a world where people can be fully themselves.
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