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About Us

Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash


Large and small municipalities have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on their 24-hour economies and to manage the night in 21st century ways.

Nighttime patrons and workers have needs not often considered by daytime thinkers.

And artists, environmentalists, urban planners, administrators, volunteers and stakeholder alliances from around the world are investing in the night and elevating the importance of our 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. culture.

24HourNation is a news and information source that focuses on the nighttime potential for our towns and cities. We also discover and share intriguing things to see, do or savor at night in America.

24HourNation is not a consultancy. It sells nothing (well … except for a few ballcaps and t-shirts) and it takes no cash sponsorships or advertising.

24HourNation’s website, social media, podcasts and webinars are the passion project of one person.

Randall White

Randall White

Founder and Host

White is a former performing artist and an award-winning community leader. Over the course of his professional career he has worked as an actor, a non-profit executive, a producer of special events, and a political consultant.

Inspired by the global nighttime economy movement, he also founded and served as first board president for 24HourDallas, a non-profit organization. The group continues to thrive and is focused on safety, inclusivity and vibrancy in the nighttime economy of Dallas, Texas.

In May, 2022, White launched 24HourNation as a passion project. Though it, he amplifies opportunities and challenges for nighttime ecosystems in America and beyond.

24HourNation is designed for two audiences:

  • Nighttime advocates who wish to build their knowledge, skills and contacts through podcasts, webcasts, news and resources.
  • Nighttime adventurers who want to discover new things to see, do or savor at night in America’s top destination cities.