Climate Change will Redefine 'Nighttime Economy'

Sabu Mathai: Climate Change will Redefine ‘Nighttime Economy’

Nighttime Economy Podcast
Season 3, Episode 8
Apr. 17, 2024
Guest: Sabu Mathai
Director, Research
Gartner Supply Chain
Stamford, CT, US

Deny climate change all you want. The reality is that 2023 was the Earth’s warmest year since global recordkeeping began in 1850. The ten warmest years in 174 years have all occurred during the last decade.

2024 will likely be hotter.

So, how will shifts in extreme heat affect daytime business operations and what will that do to nocturnal economic activity?

Prepare yourself.

Nighttime transportation. Nighttime policing. Nighttime healthcare. Nighttime hospitality. Nighttime drains on the energy grid. Government and business collaborations. All these and more will change … will need to change … due to climate-related business adaptations.

How so? We explore this topic with Sabu Mathai, sustainability research director for the international consultancy Gartner.


Cover of Darkness: Extreme Heat and the Nighttime Economy by Sabu Mathai and Casey Logan (February 13, 2024)

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