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Gray Hardaway of Secur

Public safety on demand

What if your nighttime business or event was able to summon an off-duty police officer or armed and trained guard as needed?

While out at night, what if you as an individual could also get peace of mind, deescalate a situation or receive protection from harm as needed?

And what if this was all available to you as a phone app?

With the option of getting an officer-on-demand or scheduling a plain-clothes or uniformed officer for an anticipated need, will Secur do for public safety what shared-ride services did for on-demand transportation?

Let’s find out when we spend 24 minutes with Gray Hardaway, Co-Founder and CEO of Secur.

24 minutes from 24HourNation
Season 001, Episode 013

Topic: Will an app transform personal, business and event security?
Guest: Gray Hardaway, Co-Founder and CEO of Secur
Host: Randall White, 24HourNation
Recorded: Jul 13, 2022
Mixed: Jul 15, 2022
Posted: July 15, 2022

Gray Hardaway brings over twenty years of successful entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Starting his first company in 1998 based on his creation and design of a geotechnic product to solve slab-foundation irregularities for structural engineers, Gray went on to co-found a medical software company that allowed struggling laboratories across the country to compete and thrive.

Gray has served as Co-Founder in the development and building of SAF Security, helping make private security more accessible, affordable and modernized and now SECUR, a first-of-its-kind mobile app providing security on-demand.

Applying a Master’s Degree in Business and Industrial Psychology with a background in marketing and business development, Gray provides a unique complement to the SECUR leadership team.

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