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Tina Lee-Vogt of the City of Sacramento

Team effort

When it comes to nightlife, the City of Sacramento, California, takes a team approach.

If a venue intends to provide entertainment, it must obtain a two-year permit. The entertainment permit evaluates the conditions necessary for a venue to provide entertainment − from sporting events and live music venues to theaters and exhibitions. (There is a separate entertainment permit for special events.)

During the permit process, city representatives inspect the venue for state and city building codes, fire, plumbing, electrical codes and zoning regulations. Corrections must be addressed before the city will issue a permit.

The city’s nationally recognized Entertainment Permit Program is responsible for these permits. To ensure a safe, festive and successful nightlife, the program’s manager also convenes representatives from code enforcement, police, fire, building inspection and the state’s alcohol regulating agency.

This team approach was a significant asset following the April 3, 2022, mass shooting in a downtown Sacramento nightlife district.

Spend 24 minutes with Tina Lee-Vogt manager of the City of Sacramento’s Entertainment Permit Program.

24 minutes from 24HourNation
Season 001, Episode 016

Topic:  Team Effort: Sacramento’s Entertainment Permit Program
Guest: Tina Lee-Vogt, Program Manager, City of Sacramento
Host: Randall White, 24HourNation
Recorded: Jul 19, 2022
Mixed: Jul 27, 2022
Posted: Jul 27, 2022
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