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A New Private Sector Model for Safety

A New Private Sector Model for Safety

24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 13
Jul 14, 2022
Guest: Gray Hardaway, Co-Founder and CEO, Secur

What if your nighttime business or event was able to summon an off-duty police officer or armed and trained guard as needed?

While out at night, what if you as an individual could also get peace of mind, deescalate a situation or receive protection from harm as needed?

And what if this was all available to you as a phone app?

With the option of getting an officer-on-demand or scheduling a plain-clothes or uniformed officer for an anticipated need, will Secur do for public safety what shared-ride services did for on-demand transportation?

Let’s find out when we spend 24 minutes with Gray Hardaway, Co-Founder and CEO of Secur.

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