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A Writer's Perspective

A Writer’s Perspective

A Writer’s Perspective
24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 17
Aug 28, 2022
Guest: Actor, writer, environmentalist and civil rights activist David Marquis

In this episode of 24 Minutes we discuss darkness, fear and violence with actor, writer, environmentalist, educator, storyteller and civil rights activist David Marquis.

Marquis is a long-time champion for environmental and social change in the Dallas area. He is the author of “I Am A Teacher” (Simon & Schuster), which became a series of widely performed plays.

He founded the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve in Dallas and has consulted with the Texas Conservation Alliance since 2011.

Marquis grew up on the high, dry plains of West Texas listening to family stories of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, of World War II and starting over after years of lean times.

He owes his love of a good story, his sense of social justice, his ties to nature and the land, and his first-hand experience with both strong women and strong men to his family.

Marquis’ book, “The River Always Wins” (La Reunion) offers up a metaphor for hope in troubled times.

In this podcast, we include a recording of his newest piece of prose, relevant to this episode’s theme and title.

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