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Amsterdam's Innovative Hosts Program

Amsterdam’s Innovative Hosts Program

24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 20
Sep 9, 2022
Guest: Andjani Triloki, Coordinator, Host Project, Wallen and Rembrandtplein Districts, City of Amsterdam

Cities across the US are looking for solutions to help deter crime, reduce nuisance. They also want to create an atmosphere of hospitality in their nightlife districts.

Amsterdam’s Hosts may be the ideal program to model.

Hosts welcome visitors, answer questions and address nuisance-causing visitors about their behavior. Their presence in two of Amsterdam’s most active nightlife districts has resulted in 20% reduction in alcohol-related incidents and a 40% decrease in nuisance reports.

Plus, Hosts serve as the eyes and the ears of their employer, the City of Amsterdam. They reduce costs of police enforcement and do not create an atmosphere of intimidation.

In this episode of 24Minutes from 24HourNation, we talk with Andjani Triloki, Coordinator of the Hosts program for the City of Amsterdam’s Wallen and Rembrandtplein districts.

We break the Hosts program down in a way that could help you build a program up in your city.

Plus, Andjani reminds us of one big difference between The Netherlands and the USA that needs to be taken into consideration.

If your web browser will translate Dutch to your preferred language, here are three additional online sources for information about The Hosts:

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