Creative Footprint Montréal

Creative Footprint Montréal (2023)

Creative Footprint (CFP) is a research project conducted by VibeLab and PennPraxis that researches creative spaces and communities to study the cultural strength and impact of a city’s music and nightlife.

As of spring 2023, Berlin, New York City, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Montréal have all been the subject of CFP research.

Montréal’s report, conducted in partnership with civic organization MTL 24/24, details the findings of qualitative and quantitative research conducted in late 2022. Based on focus groups, interviews, and 14,600+ data points relating to Montréal’s approximately 271 music and nightlife venues, the report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the city’s nightlife scene as it recovers from the impacts of Covid-19.

Among the report’s recommendations:

  • Take steps to strengthen venues’ resilience against, and ability to address, noise and sound conflicts.
  • Develop specific, local strategies to develop shared visions for the continued existence of their venues and nightlife.
  • Expand nightlife creators’ access to information, including access to city decision makers and offices.
  • Update alcohol licensing regulations to enable longer nights.
  • Incorporate urban planning and zoning mechanisms that promote the production of music events and new nightlife spaces, in Ville de Montréal’s forthcoming city planning and zoning documents and strategies.
  • Draw upon Montréal’s existing sustainability initiatives and expertise to establish the city as a global leader in sustainable, inclusive nightlife.

CFP captures the essence of Montréal’s eclectic night culture and lays the foundations for a stronger community-driven nighttime ecosystem by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. It’s a great tool to understand our vibrant local culture, as much for decision-makers and policymakers as for industry stakeholders and nighttime users.

Mathieu Grondin, Executive director and cofounder, MTL 24/24

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Obtain additional details, other CFP reports, and a French language version of the Montréal report here.

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