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Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney

Dear New South Wales:

Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) Australia must have an inkling that there are potential shifts in the New South Wales political climate. This could affect support for that state’s nighttime industry.

The Shout reports, “The night-time industry nets over $40 billion in annual sales, comprising over 40,000 venues and employing more than 270,000 people just in the core industry sector of food, beverage, and entertainment.”

The NTIA goes on to insist that this valuable industry cannot be ignored in the election period.

“Now is not the time to deprioritize the night,” said NTIA CEO Mark Gibb.

NTIA released a “2023 Election Statement” with three key areas where NSW elected officials could focus their attention:

  • Restore Consumer & Industry Confidence: Continue to promote the industry’s success and availability.
  • Empower Industry to Pursue New Pathways: Enable innovation within the industry, especially amidst necessary changes due to rising inflation and interest rates.
  • Change the Narrative: Move away from the misconception that the night time economy is unsafe, only for younger generations, or centered around alcohol consumption.

24HourNation loves to see a broad and diverse range of politically activated nighttime stakeholders.

Sometimes, it is the only way to get officials’ attention.

Carpe noctem, mates.

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