Denver Could Elect to Have a Night Mayor

[Denver, CO] “‘A city that neglects its nightlife is neglecting a huge aspect of its culture,'” states Scott Plusquellec, Seattle’s Nightlife Business Advocate in Westword.

He is not the only US city nighttime economy manager (or “night mayor”) to weigh in on a compelling argument for Denver to establish a nighttime economy office.

Howie Kaplan (New Orleans), Sarah Hannah-Spurlock (Fort Lauderdale), Brian Block (Austin), and Tina Lee-Vogt (Sacramento) all share wisdom in this story in Denver’s news and entertainment tabloid.

The Westword cover story continues, “Denver’s next mayor would have to choose the right person for a night mayor. It has to be a great facilitator who loves building relationships, who understands the bureaucratic process and is already connected to nightlife. It has to be someone who loves downtown Denver as much as the business owners trying to make a living there do.”

Look at the story.

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