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El Chapultepec, Denver

Making Denver More Vibrant Again at Night

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 27
Nov 5, 2023
Guest: Stephen Brackett
Executive Director, ONE Denver (formerly The 87 Foundation)
Denver, Colorado

A grassroots effort is underway in Denver to build support for the Mile High City’s nighttime economy.

What served as the catalyst for this course of action?

Find out in 24HourNation’s interview with Stephen Brackett, Executive Director of ONE Denver. He tells us about the closing of a legendary jazz bar, El Chapultepec. Or, as the locals call it, The Pec.

You will also hear about:

  • The unprecedented opportunity to develop a new economic concept that has no historical baggage in Denver.
  • What organizers expect in the next five years.
  • How opportunities for young people are important to Denver’s nighttime strategies.

We might also add that Stephen is a lead singer for the band Flobots. His experiences growing up in Denver’s music ecosystem have a significant role in his passion for Denver’s nighttime economy.

THE 87 FOUNDATION LINKS (Soon to be replaced with ONE Denver links)


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