Bogotá, Colombia

Cristina Gil Venegas: Who are We Designing the Night For?

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 23
Sep 25, 2023
Guest: Cristina Gil Venegas
Founder, Night-time Traveller
Architect and Lighting Designer
Bogotá, Colombia

In this edition of 24 Minutes, we speak with Cristina Gil Venegas, an architect, urban planner, and lighting designer from Bogotá, Columbia.

In addition to her work in the Andean city, she also spearheads Night-time Traveller. This initiative seeks to:

  • collect content related to the current panorama of how women experience public space at night.
  • develop didactic tools for urban design from a gender perspective.
  • open the debate on the role of women in the urban night.

Her specific interest is in public spaces at night and how urban and lighting design planning projects need to be carefully responsive to members of community, particularly women and distinct cultures. This takes time, trust must be built, and city officials usually must be asked, “Who are we designing for?”

Cristina believes that “cultural anchoring,” or a socially oriented approach, is important when it comes to addressing the real needs of people.

Spend 24 minutes with Cristina Gil Venegas in this episode of 24 Minutes, the podcast from 24HourNation.


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