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India Night Market

Do we really need night economy?

India, like many other countries, is beginning to explore the potential of its nighttime economies.

For an opinion piece in The New Indian Express, however, author Anuradha Goyal asks, “Do we really need night economy?”

“The argument is that it will create new jobs and business activity. I think the increase would be marginal as most of these jobs would be part-time. And the only sectors we are looking at are hospitality and entertainment, which depend on public consumption. Additional active hours wouldn’t add much to productivity.”

“The night economy is not environment-friendly,” Goyal adds. “It needs more energy to keep outlets at night. Light pollution is a phenomenon that big cities already face, with millions of billboards shining through the night.”

The writer summarizes by saying, “We need a well-rounded socio-cultural review of the need for night economy and design it accordingly. Right now, it seems driven by a need to join an elite club, targeting a small slice at the top of the pyramid.”

Elite club?

The op-ed is worth a read for those who wish to be mindful of nighttime economy resistance.

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