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Photo by Virginia Johnson on Unsplash

Global research: operating hours

What are the facts to support decisions about operating hours and closing hours of businesses that sell liquor?

Do these decisions reflect current needs in our cities? Or are they residual practices from the days of prohibition? This thinking is hard-wired into state liquor laws.

If all bars in a city close at 2 a.m., what are the public safety and public nuisance risks? Is it really wise to send well-served patrons into the night at the same time?

How do these risks compare to those in international cities? There are different laws when it comes to liquor service closing hours.

Police and elected officials often believe that curfew times and liquor sales cut-off times are better for crime reduction and more respectful for nearby residential communities.

Are they? Or are these responses emotional and political placating stances?

What is the science here? What are the facts?

Answers to all of these questions will be among the research points being gathered by VibeLab. The group is an international consultancy agency working in the largely untapped field of life at night.

24HourNation is pleased to be among the 60+ international stakeholders and thought leaders participating in this months-long research endeavor.

The nascent research project is gathering its first round of cause-and-effect data. We hope to bring VibeLab to you via a 24HourNation podcast.

Stay tuned.

VibeLab’s services include much-needed research in the nighttime arena.

“As researchers we translate the elusive into helpful, hard numbers,” they state. “We have figured out how to measure the creativity of your city or the cultural engagement of communities.”

The group’s partners are very well-known among those who are aware of the value of the night in their cities:

  • Based in Amsterdam, Mark Milan is the former Night Mayor of Amsterdam. He played an instrumental role in reshaping Amsterdam’s nightlife scene into one of the most vibrant and economically robust in the world. Subsequently, the “night mayor” position has been replicated in more than sixty-five international cities.
  • From Berlin, Lutz Leichsenring is the spokesperson and an Executive Board Member for the Berlin Clubcommission. As a member of the city’s Musicboard and Chamber of Commerce, he has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast club scene by organizing protests and speaking up in public.


Photo by Virginia Johnson on Unsplash

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