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Grass Queen

Grass Queen

The retail sale of adult-use marijuana became legal in Vermont in October 2023.

The state hoped this would usher in a new source of revenue. In fact, Vermont retailers project that sales will grow (pun intended) as high (also pun intended) as $145 million by 2026.

Grass Queen was among the first dispensaries to be licensed. The enterprise caught our attention as “a cannabis company for women, by women.”

“Grass Queen is an all women owned, majority queer owned cannabis company. We grow indoor cannabis in Plainfield, Vermont using hydroponic and organic systems to grow our cannabis in small batches,” they write on their website.

“Our dispensary is located in Burlington where we sell our flower and botanical blends, as well as low-dose edibles and products from other women growers, farmers and manufacturers in Vermont.”

The ladies also host or collaborate with local events and have an impressive array of products that can be pre-ordered for customers who wish to avoid waiting in line. We also admire their retail operating hours that could serve as an inspiration to other mom and mom shops. Pop and pop and mom and pop shops, too. Open before noon for day dwellers, stay open until 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. for those beginning their nights. 

Following Grass Queen’s opening in February, 2023, we imagine that Vermont’s mellow and cozy nights are about to get mellower. And cozier.

You grow, girl.


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