Human Power Project

Robbe Van Bogaert: Nightlife Without Borders

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 28
Nov 12, 2023
Guest: Robbe Van Bogaert
Founder, Eventsure
DJ & Activist, Human Power
Nightlife Expert for the City of Antwerp, BE

Robbe Van Bogaert is Nightlife Expert for the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

He also:

  • co-owns Eventsure, an event planning business.
  • has a job working with young people in nightlife.
  • is a club and festival DJ.

However, what 24HourNation wanted most to know about was nightlife, festival and club culture, a genetic bone growth disorder called multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED), and Robbe’s Human Power project.

In this episode of 24 Minutes from 24HourNation, we speak with Robbe Van Bogaert about all these topics and what it means to live without borders.


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