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The Brooklyn Mirage

Inside New York City’s Nightlife

How The Dance Music Scene Has Changed, According To The City’s Top Movers And Shakers

[New York City, NY] “‘Independent venues are bought out or forced to close due to rising costs, or an area becomes too residential, and the neighborhood nightclub isn’t welcomed anymore,'” says a club marketing director in Forbes.

The magazine goes on to write about the diaspora of clubs from Manhattan and into Brooklyn.

“Clubs were formerly spread throughout the city, but when Rudy Giuliani was mayor, they got pushed to the West Side Highway and industrial areas. However, those areas became filled with high-rises, resulting in noise complaints on venues, so smaller clubs either closed or were pushed to areas like Brooklyn, which is home to many warehouses in areas that aren’t as residential.”

Costs, technology, and access to talent also have taken their toll on smaller venues.

Read (or listen to) how the dance music scene has changed in New York City.

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