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International Geographical Congress

International Geographical Congress (IGC)

The IGC 2024 will continue the tradition of previous congresses in recognizing that our world faces many common natural and societal challenges that can only be dealt with through global action, understanding, and sharing.

Geography as a discipline, its skills, attributes, and the geographic mindset has much to offer other disciplines, policymakers, officials, politicians, and our wider communities.

The theme of the 2024 congress is “Celebrating a World of Difference.” Organizers are strongly focused through our academic and fieldwork program on supporting intercultural awareness and understanding; promoting intellectual diversity as a strength; bringing geographic research and thinking beyond the congress walls; and grappling with the complex interconnections between people, place, and the natural world.

In an increasingly contested, fragmented, and troubled world, celebrating difference as a strength, and acknowledging our common humanity is essential. The International Geographical Congress will be presented Aug. 24-30, 2024, in Dublin.

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